About TradeWiz

Recognized by clients as Experts in the Trade Finance domain, combined with Experts in IT, together providing Trade Finance solutions

Making trade finance work for you

Founded in 2003, TradeWiz has been a major player in the international Trade Finance Community for many years. The TradeWIz business model has evolved over the years, starting out as an expert Trade Finance Training and Consultancy company with assignments all over the Globe, management noticed an emerging market gap for ‘easy to implement’ and efficient Trade Finance solutions over time. This has led to a diversification within TradeWiz by adding a TradeWiz Solutions division. The ambition was to design, build and roll out the entire suite of traditional as well as future Trade Finance Solutions. Number one priority for any solution to be built was to combine the in-depth in-house business knowledge with in-depth in-house IT expertise to create a future proof component based architecture.

TradeWiz’ approach to solution design and implementation was successfully demonstrated by designing, building and implementing a front and back office application for the Bank Payment Obligation. The go-live of 22 Commerzbank Branches in Europe (December 2018) was a major milestone for TradeWiz and living proof of their successful innovative approach on building Trade Finance Solutions. This major achievement also marked the beginning of the next phase; adding the additional Traditional Trade Finance products, whilst also making sure to stay abreast of the latest innovations (e.g. various Distributed Ledger initiatives).

Being part of the international Trade Finance speaker’s circuit as well as being part of ICC initiatives ensures that Business Domain knowledge is kept up to date and shared within TradeWiz. On-going solution development and implementation using and adjusting to the latest technology developments in the rapid changing IT domain, is enabled by our component-based approach. Meaning an out-dated component can always be replaced if and when needed.