domain expertise


Trade and Commodity Finance

The main asset of TradeWiz, next to the Tr8Star platform, is the wealth of in-house domain knowledge where it comes to the Trade (and Commodity Finance) Business as well as to state of the art Business IT expertise. This enable TradeWiz to not only deliver Consultancy and Training Services as before but has also enabled TradeWiz to design and build a fully flexible, business focused, trade finance transaction processing platform from scratch.

The combination of in-house expertise and in-house development has proven to be a winning formula, which is best demonstrated by a very successful implementation of both the Bank and Corporate application for a major European Based Trade Finance Bank in Q4 2018.

TradeWiz will continue to expand services, products and functionalities utilising their unique domain knowledge market advantage in the ever changing and exciting world of Trade Finance, thus being able to support their clients in the challenges faced today, tomorrow and in the future.